• Buy 4 Get a Colllection Box + Free shipping


    So we brought up this new superb promo for all our Gocase fans 🤗

    It is simple as that: you add FOUR products to the card and automatically your earn the ultimate Collection box to store all of your Gocase's. The addition will be indicated by the image below.


    IMPORTANT: the box will not contain anything inside but the products you bought. The gift is the box itself.

    Oh, and the free shipping is available to all the countries listed here. 


  • Buy 2, Get 4 | Buy 3, Get 6 + Free shipping


    You know we have this amazing promo, right?

    You add 2 products to the cart and automatically earn 2 surprise gifts. By adding 3 or more items to the cart, the price is 3 surprise gifts 😱

    The extra products are not necessarily phone cases and it is not possible to choose them. So, notice that we are not giving discounts, we are adding items to your order! 

    To participate in this promo you have to buy at least two products that, combined, have the minimum cost of:

    EUR 35

    GBP 35

    USD 35

    CHF 50

    AUD 45

    IMPORTANT: the values above must a sum of products only, the shipping fee is not included in it. 

    Oh, and since we're talking about shipping, it is free for all of these countries on this promo ➡ list of countries with free shipping.


  • Mystery Products 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

    We love surprises! That is why we are here to present to you the Gocase new feature: the Mystery Products.

    It is super easy to get on this new journey with us, all you have to do is purchase one of the products from the Mistery Boxes. By doing it we will send you a super special, secret and no customized design. The design of this product will be lovingly chosen by us. YAY! 

    There are all sorts of products available, so you just have to pay attention to your device model. For instance: your phone model and brand, your cable plug (USB, Type-C, and iPhone), etc. If you are taking a Power Bank, please notice that we only ship power banks for a limited amount of countries

    Oh! And there is one more thing: the return/refund policy is valid only in case the product is defective. For example, if it does not work properly or if the design is not correctly printed.

    So what, are you ready to be surprised? 

    Enjoy this shopping! ✨

  • Gocase Referral Program

    GoRewards - Referral Program


    Give 15% OFF, get a free case!

    Give your friends 15% OFF their first order. For every 2 successful referrals, you get a free phone case!

    How does the Gocase referral program work?

    Our Referral Program gives you the chance to get a free phone case when you invite 2 friends to place their first order on Gocase. You share your unique link with friends, they use your coupon and you get a free case for every 2 (two) friends that make a purchase on our website!


    Who can I invite/share my link?

    Everybody that still hasn’t made their first purchase on Gocase. The only rule is that you can’t self-invite yourself, okay?


    All my friends’ purchases are valid?

    Yes! All orders should be considered valid so you can get your reward. We don’t have a minimum order value! Your friends can use your coupon code in any way they want it :)


    Can I get rewarded with any type of phone case?

    Your reward coupon will be only valid to Soft Flexible Phone Cases. So the following phone case types are NOT included for your reward:


    • Deluxe  Matte Cases
    • Anti Shock Pro Black Cases
    • Glitter Flow Cases
    • Anti Shock Pro White Cases
    • Royal Rose Cases
    • Black Cases
    • Picture Cases
    • Neon Lemon Cases
    • Neon Citrus Cases
    • Bio Cases
    • Prime Cases


    I’ve already invited a friend to Gocase. How and when can I get my reward?

    When 2 friends complete a valid order on the website (orders that haven’t been canceled or not finished), you will receive your reward via e-mail. You will get a unique and exclusive code to add to your cart. You can also check the coupon code on your GoRewards portal (gocase.com/rewards)


    Can I add more than one coupon in my shopping cart, or use my coupon during another promo on the website?

    No. Only one promo code can be inserted each time on your cart. That includes active promos on the website.

    How many phone cases can I get?

    There are no limits here. For every 2 successful referrals, you get a new coupon to collect your reward. Remember that you can’t use 2 promos at once, so you can’t get 2 free phone cases on the same order!


    How can I track my referral progress

    You can access your GoRewards portal (gocase.com/rewards) and check the status to each one of your referrals or even rewards!


    I was invited by a friend. How can I activate my discount coupon?

    Use the link that your friends have sent you, access the website and click on ‘Activate promo’ to apply the coupon that you received. Add the products to your cart and enjoy your discount!


    I successfully invited two friends, but still didn’t receive my reward.

    Rewards can be blocked if:


    • Your friends have canceled their order made through your referral link



    Can I use my 15% OFF discount coupon on all products?

    YES! This coupon is valid for all products on the website. Just enter our website with your friend’s link and apply the code :)


    In case you have more questions, you can also get in touch with us here ➡ Help Center



    You guys have demanded more giveaways? Well... your wishes are our command, here are some simple rules to participate in our new giveaway! *Psst* YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE IT. 💜


    First things first, what are the rules to enter and participate in the giveaway?

    Go over to our instagram page (@gocase). Take a screenshot of our giveaway story, post it in your own stories tagging @gocase. After doing this, send a DM with #GIVEAWAY to @gocase.

    Make sure to read this carefully and follow the steps, otherwise I'm afraid you're not going to be one of our winners 😢


    And how many kits are part of the special giveaway?

    We will be giving away 5 kits in total. Isn't it AMAZING!? 😁


    When will I get to know about the winners for the giveaway?

    We will announce the winners within 24 hours in our instagram story (@gocase). Stay tuned, you don't wanna miss our story if you are one of the lucky winners! 🥳


    Will the winners be publicly announced on your Instagram Page?

    Yep, we will announce them in our @gocase instagram page. We want to show off our winners to the world!


    If I am the winner, can I choose my device and name preference for the kit?

    Of course you can! That's the point of a giveaway, right? 😉 When we reach out to you via DM, you can just let us know what kit and customization you would like to see on your soon-to-be favorite products! 


    There may be shipping restrictions depending on the country of residence of the winners. In addition, we will not pay any taxes that may be collected in the country of the winners.



    Gocase 💜