• Can I change my order?

    Yes, you can! 

    We know sometimes people realize they chose the wrong product/name/design! But don’t worry, we’re here to help! However, we’re only able to change your order while it’s still in our warehouse. 

    If you need to change your order, please contact our Support team via the Help Center.

    Depending on the situation, this operation may have additional costs:

    a) Changes requested within 24 hours of placing the order will be carried out free of charge*;

    b) Changes requested after 24 hours will be subject to analysis and you’ll maybe charged for them.

    Please note, after our Customer Service team confirms the change to your order, the production and delivery deadlines will take the same amount of time as if you just placed the order.


    *That will only be applied if your order hasn't been shipped already.

  • How do I make a purchase?

    It's very simple! To make a purchase on our website, you just have to follow these steps:

    1. Select your product and customize it the way you want. Mind every detail (typos) before adding it to your cart. Please note that emojis and special characters, such as accents and asterisks, are not allowed in custom texts. n1.png

    Also, please pay attention to the different pictures on the product page, most of the time there is additional information about the products.



    Once you have customized your product to your liking, you can click on the “ADD TO CART” button.


    On the CHECKOUT page, you’ll see some offers for additional products.

    You’ll also see the price of all the products individually, the shipping price, and the total order price. 


    If you have a discount code, add it by clicking on the “Apply coupon or discount code” button, enter the code, and then click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

    ATTENTION: if you’re paying with Paypal, you have to enter the code BEFORE finishing the payment, otherwise, it won’t be possible to add the coupon. 


    After that, fill in your details very carefully, making sure there are no typos in your address and that every single bit of information is filled in (please, remember to also enter your house number if applicable)

    Review all your data, click on “PLACE ORDER” and voilà, done! You will receive now a confirmation email with the details about your order.


  • My order already went through. Can I add items to this order?

    You can add items under these circumstances:

      1. Your order has not been shipped at the time you request to add an item. 
      2. You have a PayPal account since we can only send requests for the difference via this payment gateway. 

    If you meet these criteria, you can contact our Support team via the Help Center.

    Please note, that after the Customer Service team confirms that a new item has been added, the production and delivery times will be restarted.

  • Can I change my delivery information?

    Well, you can under certain conditions:

    - If your order is still in our warehouse, you can request our Support team to modify your details via the form on our Help Center;

    - If the order has already been shipped, the changes made by the customer will only be valid for future purchases. In this case, if you want to change your shipping address, you have to wait until the package returns to our warehouse - we'll reship it then to the correct address.

  • Can I change my registration information?

    Sure! If you wish to change your registration information, you have to access your account by clicking on "My Account - Edit Info". Make any changes you want to and click on "Update".

    ATTENTION: Changing registration data will not change the delivery/billing address of already-placed orders. If you want to change your info after placing your order on our website, please note that:

    - If your order is still in our warehouse, you can request our Support team to modify your details via the form on our Help Center;

    - If the order has already been shipped, the changes made by the customer will only be valid for future purchases.

  • Can I cancel or exchange a customized product?

    Some of our products can be customized with a name, with an additional amount added on the price of the product itself. We do not exchange or refund any customized products. Special characters like Emojis and accent marks are not supported on the customization fields.

  • What changes due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?


    Dear customer, 

    You, of course, must be aware of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of countries worldwide took measures as an attempt to stop - or at least to slow - the virus spread. Some of them include putting cities in quarantine or even a full lockdown and this affects several industries and economics aspects. 

    At Gocase, we are following the government recommendations and most of our employees are working from home and the factory workers are divided into shifts, which reduces the number of people working to print, pack, and ship the orders. For this reason, it is likely to some of our orders to face a delay. 

    There is also the possibility of shipping delays. With all the companies in the world adopting very similar measures, the shipping companies are also decreasing their staff and it can affect the time your order takes to be delivered after it leaves our warehouse. Please notice that we ship to almost every country in the world and they may have been adopting different rules for shipments coming from abroad. So we strongly suggest you consult what are your countries recommendations for this period. If your order has already been shipped, please consider waiting longer before claiming your order - we recommend a week or so. 

    In case you don't receive your order even after waiting for a longer time, you can contact our Help Center to know what are the options we have for you, but, anyway, we need to state in advance that we had to expand the time for the customers to ask for a refund or a resend due to lost orders: refund and resends requests starting from March 28th will be done only after 30 days from the shipping date.  

    We understand this is an unprecedented situation and for this same reason, we count on your comprehension to deal with it all together. 

    Please stay home, stay safe.

    Team Gocase  🤞


  • Refund Policy. What can I do if I want my money back?

    These guidelines are only applicable to products purchased by you directly from our website. All returns must meet the overall guidelines in order for the individual return policy to apply. 

    • Refunds for purchased items may be subject to a confirmation on the faulty item.
    • All products that are new with the retail packaging never opened can be returned to Gocase within 30 days. Please note that customers are responsible for all the fees involved for returning items. Return packages remain the responsibility of the customer until it is received by us.
    • Products that are received by Gocase in any of the following conditions are not eligible for return and may be rejected:
      • Any product not purchased from Gocase
      • Any product that does not exhibit the described reason for the return
      • Any product that is returned without all of the original packaging
    • Refunds on the returns described by the items above maybe rejected.
    • Refunds will be done in the original form of payment.