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  • How does the delivery work? 📫

    Have you already placed your order? Are you still considering doing it? It doesn't matter! We're bringing brand new info about our delivery process. Let's go?

    The estimated delivery time is informed at the checkout when you're finishing your purchase. On the image below you'll notice that we have 3 shipping options:

    1. Standard shipping with tracking;
    2. Express shipping with tracking.


    IMPORTANT: the shipping time starts counting AFTER shipping, please notice that we need 3 business days to produce and ship your order. 

    IMPORTANT²: the shipping time shown in this example is merely illustrative, it varies from one country to another. To check how long it will take for your place, please simulate an order on our website

    IMPORTANT³: weekends and holidays are not considered business days.


    This shipping method is only available for the United States.

    It usually takes:

    • USA - 8 to 14 business days

    By choosing this shipping method, you will receive updates about your package on the tracking link, please pay attention to the time informed on both order confirmation and shipping notification emails. 

    Standard shipping is collected by DHL at our factory and handed to the national post office when the package arrives in the destination country. The local mail is the responsible one to complete the delivery. Since it is standard shipping, no signature is required and the postman may leave the package at the customer's door or a mailbox, according to the local mail policies - please access your national post office website to learn more about it. 

    When you the status "Arrival at destination country" you'll be able to use the barcode informed on your link to track your package on your local mail website. 


    Sometimes it happens to local post not being able to finish all the deliveries they have to and they need a couple of more days to do it. So please consider waiting two or three more days before contacting us. If you still don't receive your package after this time, you can send us a message!



    Express shipping is the fastest way to get your products, it is 100% trackable and controlled from the beginning to the end of the delivery. 

    It usually takes:

    • Europe: 2 - 3 working days

    • Others: 3 - 6 working days

    This shipping method is completely made by DHL, they collect from our factory and deliver right to the consignee, a signature is required sometimes and they may contact the consignee by phone. Please, make sure to fill in your data correctly.

    This service is not supposed to face any delays, if you notice your package is taking longer than it was supposed to, please contact us right away! 


    *The delivery time is estimated in working days, i.e. leaving out Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays.

    **DHL Express Worldwide has a fee starting at €15,00.

    What if my order is delayed?

    Please keep in mind that delays are - unfortunately - more frequent now given the supply chain and logistics disprutions. Please contact us right here if your package has been shipped and not delivered according to the chart below:





       8 business days


      16 business days


      21 business days


      28 business days



  • USPS Delivery and Redelivery Information

    • What happens if USPS attempts delivery and the customer is not available at the location?

    If USPS (United States Postal Service) attempts delivery and does not find the customer at the designated location, they will leave a notice indicating a delivery attempt was made. In such cases, the customer can contact USPS to schedule a new delivery attempt.

    • Will there be any fee for a new delivery attempt by USPS?

    Yes, in the event that USPS needs to make a new delivery attempt after the first one was unsuccessful, there may be an additional fee charged by the carrier. This fee is determined by USPS and not by Gocase.

    • How can customers avoid the redelivery fee?

    To avoid the redelivery fee, we recommend customers carefully check the provided delivery address during the checkout process. Please ensure that all information is accurate, including apartment or house numbers, zip codes, and other relevant details. This will help ensure successful delivery on the first attempt.

  • How can I track my order? 🔍

    Once your order has shipped, you can track your order through:

    1. The shipping confirmation email we send you with tracking information.

    2. By having your order number and email address. Use our track page by clicking the button below. 



    All information concerning your orders will be available on your account. If you were not logged in or registered when you placed your order, it will not show up on your “My Orders” page.

    A tracking link will be sent to your e-mail once we have confirmed your payment and again once the order has been shipped out of our warehouse.


    Click here to see our average delivery times.


    Please notice that if your tracking starts with “UQ”, you requested a “no tracking” shipping and it means you will not receive any updates on your tracking page.


    If the link to track your order doesn't seem to be working, please contact us here.

  • Charges and Fees 💸

    Sometimes it happens that you are charged more than you expect.

    But don't worry, I'll tell you, ok? 

    • If there is no free shipping for your country: although we add free shipping on the website, there are some countries that are not available. “And why is that?” you may ask, let me tell you that is due to the costs our shipping partner have, sometimes they simply can’t afford, in most cases, it’s about customs 😞. What takes us to the next point. 

    Just in case, take a look at the list of countries with free shipping. Click here!

    • If you have to pay for the customs: taxes, right? As certain as death, you can’t get free of them! And this means you are the one responsible for the customs charges of your country. It may happen before or after you receive the products. Please notice that we ship to a large number of countries so it’s not possible to know the ones that will charge our customers or not. What you can do is look for this information on the website of your country Post Office, there might be some light there.

    Just in case, take a look at this article: My order is stuck at customs

    • If we don’t work with your currency: we work with a very limited range of currencies and the conversion to yours may incur an extra money amount.


    Any questions please contact us, just by clicking here!

    P.s.: We are not responsible for any customs fees applied by the destination country.

  • My order is stuck at the customs

    Depending on where you live, it’s possible that your package will be hold at the customs for a while. As annoying as this may look, this inspection must be faced as a positive thing, thanks to it, it’s possible to fight against illegal stuff that *some people* try to enter in your country.


    The holding time varies from a country to another and, since we ship to large number of different places, it’s not possible to know for how long each one is going to be. Maybe you can find this information on your local post office website. It’s also possible that you be charged for the process, we have an article about it, you can access through the link below:

    We just need to stress that we have absolutely no control over this situation, customs are a national matter and we are not able to hurry them up. Waiting is the word ;)


    P.s.: We are not responsible for any customs fees applied by the destination country.

  • List of countries with Free Shipping

    The super successful promos "Buy 2, Get 4 + free shipping", "Buy 3, Get 3 + free shipping", are available for the countries below. 

    Please, notice that if the country you live in is not listed here, it is because it is not possible to deliver your products for free. And you also have to spend at least € 35 to participate in this promo.

    Also, free shipping will not be available if you are trying to buy a Powerbank, keep in mind that it is very difficult for us at the moment to ship powerbanks overseas due to a change in the legislation regarding the shipping of portable batteries, click here to see the list of countries that we ship powerbanks to.

    EUROPE:  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

    AMERICA: Canada, United States. 

    OTHERS: United Kingdom

  • List of Countries we ship Powerbanks to

    At Gocase, we try our best to deliver our products worldwide, however, it is not always possible due to international legislation and that is the Powerbank case. 

    The legislation regarding the shipping of portable batteries has recently changed and for that reason, it is very difficult for us at the moment to ship Powerbanks overseas, but we are still able to ship them to some countries, as you can see below.

    Please, notice that it is not possible to transport any Powerbank for free, so if your country is listed as "Free Shipping" on the promos "Buy 2, Get 4 + free shipping" and "Buy 3, Get 6 + free shipping", you will be charged in case you purchase a Powerbank. If your country is not listed here it is because the Powerbank shipment to where you live is not available at this moment.  

    Czech Republic
    San Marino
    United Kingdom 

  • I live outside Amsterdam, can I buy the products?

    Absolutely! This is what we are here for! We ship to a large number of countries in different continents. Our global partner DHL delivers our products to all of them, except for the Netherlands - we use NL Post for national deliveries. We offer three delivery types for DHL shipments, standard no tracking, standard with tracking and express.

    As you obviously deduced, express delivery is faster than the standard one, and it costs more as well. Click on the link below to know how much and how long your shipment is going to take.

  • Can I pick up my order directly at Gocase’s warehouse?

    Nope #sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

    We are based in Amsterdam, but we don’t have a permanent store here. We have our factory that is not a recommended place for customers, since we’re having courier companies and vendors trucks, so you’d better be comfortably on your house and buy your products directly from our website.


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